An Introvert's Guide to Facebook Live Videos

Anyone else camera shy? No, just me? I know that I am not the only one who breaks out into a sweat just thinking about talking to a camera that could potentially be seen by millions of people. I’m an introvert, and a shy one at that, which means that I very much prefer my written words to do the talking. However, I know the importance and the power of livestreaming video. Sometimes, you have to force yourself out of your comfort zone. I have actually learned to enjoy shooting live video by following some simple rules.


So Why is it important to go live on Facebook?

First, it gives your audience a chance to get to know you, hear your voice, see your mannerisms, and interact with you. It makes you tangible and approachable to those who want to learn from you. It also helps build trust between you and your audience.

Second, Facebook’s algorithm favors live video. If you want to get your page seen by more people, do more live videos. It’s that simple.

Finally, creating live videos, using the rules I’m about to give you, allows you to create reusable content. This content can be used to write blog posts, create checklists and resources, as well as create courses.

Introvert's Guide to Live Video.png

Follow these simple rules for going live on Facebook:

1. Keep it short and grab attention immediately

People have a very short attention span, especially if they are scrolling through Facebook.  Use an attention grabbing headline that will make people want to check it out. Share your live everywhere, and ask your audience to share.

Keep your live short, no longer than 5 minutes, at least until you have created a loyal army of viewers.

2. Introduce and Interact

Use the first minute to calm your nerves, introduce yourself , your company, and your topic. Interact with those who are jumping on to see you. Perhaps even have an icebreaker with the audience to get them participating. You want your audience to participate and interact on your lives. More interaction means more views.

Allow your audience to ask questions, and try to answer them, perhaps at the end of your segment. Always go over the comments after and respond to everyone.

3. Keep it simple

Your audience wants information that they can digest quickly. Focus on one topic with 3-5 straightforward bullet points. If your topic is a bit more technical, consider breaking it up into pieces and doing a series.

4. Direct your audience to a call to action

You always want to direct your audience to something you have to offer. It could be your web site, a freebie, a course, or event. Your Facebook live is a part of your funnel. How do you plan to use it to move people down your funnel? Post the link the comment section.

5. Realize that the first few times may be awkward, but it does get better.

It’s normal to be nervous. I promise with practice, it does get easier. You will stumble over your words less, and you will feel more relaxed. If you mess up your words, own it, and keep going. You will be a pro in no time!

6. Recycle your content!

Consider creating captioned snapshots of your video to use again. Upload them to Youtube. Turn these live videos into blog posts and resources for your audience on other platforms. Vice versa- do you have blog posts that you can turn into a live topic?

Going live on Facebook, or any other social platform can be intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be. Following these simple rules will prepare you to deliver amazing live content to your audience.