3 Steps To Organize Every Room In Your House

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Whether in a small space or a large one, most of us have that space that we just can’t make sense of– that den that becomes the “catch-all” room, the play area overrun with toys, the office spilling over with clutter, or that storage are that we pretend doesn’t exist. Can you relate to any, most, or all of the above? No worries! There is a solution to get your home functional again.

3 steps to organize your house.png

I am going to break organizing your home down to 3 simple steps. Are you ready?

Step 1: Choose your space

What I mean is you have to start somewhere. Choose to start, and choose where to start. Starting to feel overwhelmed? Here are two things to consider when choosing where to start organizing

1. Start small.

Find the room that needs the least amount of work and start there. This will help you conquer overwhelm, give you a small win, and help you build momentum to tackle the next project.

2. Start with the high priority area.

This is the area where you spend a lot of time, sees a lot of traffic, and needs to be functional. If your high priority area is particularly large, break it up into smaller tasks (ie, organize the kitchen pantry, then the counters, etc).


Step 2: Define your space x 2

You are going to want to define your space in two ways. The first way is to ask yourself a series of questions that will help you figure out the purpose of the room overall.

Who uses the space?

What activities take place in the space?

Is the space formal or casual?

What do the functions of the space need to be?

What do you want to feel when you walk into the space?

The second way that you need to define the space is according to function. Each area in the space will serve a particular purpose. Once you have defined the purpose, you now want to arrange the space to serve that purpose by creating stations.

Creating stations may be something you already do without even realizing it. Stations may include: a reading nook, a play area, a coffee station, a prep area for cooking, a craft area, etc. Give each part of the room a purpose.


Step 3. Refine your space

Once you have been able to define the space and find its overall purpose, as well as the smaller stations within the space, it is time to refine. Now you can find places for your items and give them all a home in the area where they will best serve their purpose, and toss out or donate what you don’t need.

Here you have it! Three steps to getting organized. Now go, make your home your favorite place to be again!