How To Make the Perfect Cup of Coffee

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Oh, Coffee! How do I love thee? Let me count the ways! Coffee and I have a special relationship. It has been there for me following sleepless nights caring for newborn babies. It has been there during those early morning hours that seem to come to soon. It has walked with me through book stores as I enjoy the few moments of solace. It has listened to deep and meaningful conversations with dear friends that I see far too little.

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As I have gotten older, I have become more particular with how I like my coffee prepared. I know that I can always get the best cup at home made EXACTLY the way I like it. How do I make the perfect cup of coffee? I’m glad you asked.

Whole Beans

To enjoy a fresh tasting cup of coffee, I always start with whole beans. Right now, I am enjoying Grizzly Claw by Kicking Horse. It’s a nice, rich dark roast that isn’t too overwhelming. Did you know that you can get a subscription through Amazon? It is far less expensive than purchasing it at the grocery store. I have a bag sent to me every month. There are few things worse than running out of coffee, don’t you agree?


Who doesn’t love flavour? So this may be the “secret sauce” to a really tasty cup of coffee. I like to add cinnamon and nutmeg to the coffee grounds before I brew. It really enriches the flavour of the coffee.

Heavy Whipping Cream

This discovery happened completely by accident. One morning, I had run out of milk, but I did have some heavy cream left over from a recipe. I thought, “Why not?”. It has been the best thing ever! It gives my coffee such a smooth, creamy texture. I can’t go back.

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Maple Syrup

I mean the real stuff. This may seem a little strange. In fact, I didn’t even like maple syrup until I moved to Canada. In an effort to cut out refined sugar, maple syrup has become my “go to” sweetener. I can easily drink my coffee without sweetener, but when I want to “treat” myself, I add 1-2 tablespoons of maple syrup to my coffee, and it is delicious!

Ninja Coffee Bar

Last year, I begged to replace our Keurig with a new coffee maker. One that was a little more friendly to the environment and to our bank account. Those little cups are expensive! I did my research and decided to purchase the Ninja Coffee Bar . I have NO REGRETS! I love this little appliance. It’s easy to use, easy to clean, and it has multiple serving sizes. My only tip if you are also looking at the Ninja. Get the stainless steel carafe. It will keep your coffee hot for hours.

That’s it! These are my secrets to a “good-to-the-last-drop” cup of Joe. Try some of these tips and tell me what you think!